What makes us the best choice?

MommyJ start off with careful selection of the healthy, premium & non-GMO ingredients.

Such as, Premium Anchovy without head & guts being used, (* 'head & guts' might cause high cholesterol) & if lower grade of anchovy being used- it might be easily detected as plenty of black dots in the powder.

MommyJ also selected Organic Brown Shiitake Mushroom but not normal Shiitake Mushroom;

AnXin Chicken breast meats (free from antibiotic & chemical growth promoters) are selected but not normal chicken meats.

These beautiful ingredients end up in MommyJ Powder Kitchen where we carefully prepare it to be cleaned & powdered. We guarantee the environment is pork-free. We have developed rigorous Food Safety & Quality Control Standards, we also carefully follow these practices and rigorously test each and every batch of powders.

MommyJ Food Powders are pure and not adulterated in any way, by exposure to preservatives and other such chemicals. We never use salt, sugar, additives or solvent in our powders, because we don't need them and little ones are highly not recommended to consume them.

After our powders are made carefully in small batches, they are finally packaged and seal. We're working hard to bring our MommyJ Healthy Homemade Powders to more cities across the country. Be sure to ask your local store to carry our products. Every request helps.