What makes us the best choice?

We transform PREMIUM, NATURAL or ORGANIC Singular food ingredient into 100% PURE Food Powder which are made using the state-of-art DEHYDRATION technology.


In MommyJ, we only dehydrate the ingredients to RETAIN upmost Nutrients.

We don’t Oil-fry NOR  Baked it - as High Heat will DESTROY most of the Nutrients.

Our food powders are Lab tested by SGS that there are NO Preservatives, NO added salt, NO added sugar and NO chemicals – a healthy option for the entire family !

It will not only help to develop a healthy NATURAL tasting, at the same time it will provide a wide range of ORIGINAL NUTRIENTS.

We start off with careful selection of natural, premium & non-GMO ingredients.

Such as :

⇨ ORGANIC Brown Shiitake Mushroom! 🍄
⇨ ORGANIC Amaranth 🌿
⇨ AnXin Chicken🐥
(free from antibiotic residue 💊& chemical growth promoters💉) .

⇨ GOOD Grade of quality anchovy , whitebait, scallop


Premium grade of Anchovy without head & guts being used, (* 'head & guts' might cause high cholesterol) .

Resulting LESSER obvious BLACK DOTS in our Anchovies/Silverfish powder !

*( If lower grade of anchovy being used- it might be easily detected as plenty of black dots in the powder.)


These beautiful ingredients end up in MommyJ Powder Kitchen where we carefully prepare it to be cleaned & powdered.

We guarantee a pork-free environment . We have developed rigorous Food Safety & Quality Control Standards, we also carefully follow these practices and rigorously test each and every batch of food powders.

MommyJ Food Powders are pure and not adulterated in any way, by exposure to preservatives and other such chemicals.

We never add salt, sugar, additives or solvent into our powders, because we don't need them and little ones are highly not recommended to consume them.


Unlock baby's potential with good nutritions

MommyJ Healthy Homemade Powders will not only help develop a healthy natural taste but it will also provide a wide range of nutrients. Fostering good eating habits and providing healthy, nutrient-dense food choices is one of a parent's important tasks in raising little ones. Quality nutrition is important because it affects physical and metal development as well as helping to prevent and overcome illness.


Get freshness delivered to your kitchen

We are on a mission to bring the freshest food powder to parents and babies everywhere. Unlike seasoning, MommyJ Food Powders are pure and not adulterated in any way, by exposure to preservatives and other such chemicals. Fresh food powders are always better for preparing healthy food, and it retain their nutritious values when cook them right.


Safety first

We prepare our powders in hygienic facility and follow strict and clear food handling practices. All of MommyJ powder varieties are tested and certificated by SGS - the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company that known as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.


A healthy food for a wealthy mood

Every baby deserves pure and healthy food. Our powders are carefully crafted with ingredients that are best for growing babies and each ingredient we use is chosen with care. Healthy eating starts with real, nutritious food and at MommyJ Healthy Homemade this is what we are all about.

Our Values