The trusted & only home-brand in Malaysia that produce Zero-Additive Baby's Healthy Food !

Our Passion is to provide the Best & Safe Healthy Food for our little ones !💓


✔ Singular ingredient - made 100% PURE with only 1 ingredient 

✔ Made with Dehydration technology to retain Utmost nutrients

✔ SGS lab tested and KKM certified

✔  Facilities made in practice with GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice )

✔  Trusted home brand with quality assurance

✔  Best and safe healthy food preparation

quick & healthy

✔ Wide range of utmost nutrients 

✔ Tailored for busy mothers

✔ Easily add in instant stock broth with rice/noodle or vegetables/meat.



✔ Organic or Premium grade food ingredient

✔ Non-GMO

✔ Artificial colouring/flavouring free

✔ Antibiotics residue free

✔ Chemical growth promoter free

travel friendly

✔ Convenient & long lasting

✔ Time saving in search of food ingredient abroad

✔ Prevent unhygienic take away /packaged food

easily digested 

胃のアイコン素材 3.png

✔ Superfine and nutrient dense powders

✔ Prevent from choking

✔ Good absorption of nutrients

✔ Solution to fussy eaters

✔ Cultivate good eating behaviour

✔ Prevent from malnutrition and obesity