Do's and Don'ts in Baby-led Weaning

Child’s food preferences, eating habits and palates can develop lasting effect by using BLW method at their early stage. If you are interested and ready to give it a try, make sure to set the preparation tools for a positive and exciting experience from the start.


Here is a guideline how to get it right.

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  • Do wait until your baby is ready for BLW.

Do wait until your baby should be

  • Able to sit in a high chair unassisted

  • Have good neck strength

  • Able to move food to the back of her mouth with up and down jaw movements.

  • Shows interest in participating at mealtime and may try to grab food from your plate and put it in his mouth

If all is achieved by your baby, believe that your baby is well prepared to have a new exciting adventure. 

  • Do continue breastfeeding or formula. 

Do remember that breast or formula milk should still be offered to your child as the main drink throughout weaning process. He will continue to get vital nutrients from the milk while he starts on solids.

  • Do consider nutrient intake of soft first foods.  

Make sure you provide high calorie soft foods that includes iron, zinc, protein and healthy fatty acids (Omega-3) on your baby’s tray. You can provide ripe small fruits, cooked vegetables, flaky fish, shredded meats and puffed cereals as a good option for BLW.

In addition, can consider to steam, bake or broil foods rather than frying or boiling since these cooking methods can retain upmost of natural nutrients in food.


  • Don't choose a bad time for meals.


Don’t pick an unpleasant time whereby your baby is tired or upset as he or she likely won't cooperate.

  • Don’t give up.

Babies are learning slowly how to self-feed, or need multiple exposures to certain foods. Don't be concerned if the first solid food is rejected. Just wait a minute and try again. You can do it mommies!

  • Don’t overload of new foods.

Now that you've introduced a new food to your child, don’t overload it with new foods. It’s understanding that you’re excited but it's important to keep watch for signs of a food allergy. The allergy signs can be either rash around his mouth or anus, diarrhoea, bloating of stomach, increased gas, unusual crankiness or runny nose or eyes.

Hence, always wait several (3-4) days after feeding your baby a new food so that you can pinpoint any allergic reactions he may have. If you suspect your child is showing signs of a food allergy, speak to your doctor right away.

If your baby's first BLW goes successfully, try to give him a new food in the same manner once a day for the next few days. Each weaning, you can increase the amount of foods for him to feed himself. Simple as that!

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