Foods need to be avoided when practicing baby-led weaning, BLW

High choking risk foods.

It is very important to avoid foods that has a risk of choking for the little ones such as

  • Hard fruits and vegetables (grapes, cherry tomatoes, raw carrots)

  • stringy foods (celery)

  • nuts and seeds

  • whole hot dogs

  • popcorn

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Added table salt and sugar  

Salt 盐

The daily salt requirement of the baby is less than 1 gram per day (0.4 grams of sodium), which is mainly met by breast milk or formula. (* 12 months and below)

婴儿每天的盐需要量低于每天1克(钠0.4克),这主要是通过母乳或配方奶来满足的。 (* 12个月及以下)

A small amount of salt is about 0.25 grams. If the total amount of salt added to the three meals a day is greater than 0.75 grams of salt, plus the salt in the breast milk or formula. Therefore, the total amount of salt consumed by the baby every day will be excessive.


  • Extra salt will be a burden on the tiny kidneys leading to kidney disease and hypertension in adult life. 额外的盐对小肾脏的负担,导致肾脏疾病和造成以后成年的高血压。

  • Excessive intake of salt in childhood has also been attributed to diseases as osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory illnesses. 儿童期过量摄入盐也会导致骨质疏松症,心血管疾病和呼吸系统疾病等疾病。


Sugar 糖

Sugar commonly used in cooking is the white refined sugar which is refined by lot of chemical processes that may be harmful to children. A baby's sugar requirement per day is less than 17g and this is mostly met in grains and fruits. Try to reduce refined sugar with more fruits as snack as it contain more vitamins and minerals. 


  • Excess sugar may cause caries and tooth decay in children. 过量的糖可能会导致儿童龋齿和蛀牙。

  • Excess of sugar may depress baby’s immunity. 过量的糖可能会降低婴儿的免疫力。

  • Research has also shown that children fed with high sugar diet were prone to cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity. 研究还表明,高糖饮食的儿童容易患心血管疾病,糖尿病和肥胖症。


You think that the reason your baby is not accepting the first foods because it is bland without any added salt and sugar? This is where most of us are mistaken. 


Baby doesn’t show interest in the food as he is used to breast milk and doesn’t like being fed with new unknown food. It is best to give a natural flavour of solid food for them to experience the taste and texture of healthy food.  


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Unhealthy and processed foods

  • Chocolates 巧克力

  • Lollipops/ Candy 棒棒糖 / 糖果

  • French fries 炸薯条

  • Hot dog 热狗

  • Potato chips 薯片

  • Instant noodles 方便面

  • Jelly 果冻

  • Canned food 罐头食物

  • Popcorn 爆米花

  • Sugary foods 含糖食物

Processed food in general is the food that is modified from its originally caught, raised, or grown with added substances. It is manufactured using industrial manufacturing processes and chemical formulations. The longer the list of ingredients of packed food, the more processed it is eventually. Processed foods tend to have low nutritional value but higher in sugar, salt and fat instead.



In order to make the taste better, a freshener, MSG or other chemicals are added to enhance the taste. In order to make the color appear to promote appetite, a pigment and coloring agent are added. Artificial flavors is also added to make the fragrance more attractive while to avoid rotting, a preservative is added. As a result, food produced is full of color and flavor.


Baby meals made should be more healthy and appropriate. The best prepared baby foods have fewer ingredients and no added salt and sugar.



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