Baby-led weaning VS Traditional Spoon-Fed Weaning

Wondering how to do when your little ones is ready to start solid foods?

This month we @MommyJ will introduce and guide you a method that gain popularity among parents nowadays which is baby-led weaning BLW.

Are you a mother for the first time? Had headache to feed your precious baby?

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MommyJ's baby also practices BLW method and has already self-feed when age less than one year old: D This indeed the has been a very encouraging moment for Mommy J ❤ ! It can be seen that BLW indirectly helps to shape a child’s independence too.

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【Difference between baby-led weaning and traditional weaning? 】

Baby led weaning is the process of letting baby self-feed from the start while traditional weaning involves pureeing and mashing foods to make it easier for babies to swallow.

Here is a basic guideline to what is baby-led weaning is all about.

【What is baby-led weaning?】

Baby-led weaning or known as BLW is a method for introducing solid food other than milk in which babies feed themselves handheld foods instead of being spoon-fed by an adult. With BLW, parents offer pieces of whole food that include fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, eggs, bread, pasta and fish that are of a size and shape that can easily picked up and natural handle by young babies. Like traditional weaning, it's suitable for babies from 6 months whereby they decide what, how much, and how quickly they will eat out of many food choices being offered.

Begin offering solid food once a day and gradually increase as the child shows his interest. BLW families are encouraged to make family mealtime as a habit. This is because baby learns best by observation and imitation. He will feel included when everyone eats together and eats the same food.

In fact, mealtime is a fun experience rather than a battle. If eating meals together doesn’t work for your family, consider to eat a snack while baby has his meal. Don’t let him eating alone.

【When is infant ready?】

Experts agree that implementation of BLW begins at the age of 6 months whereby the baby’s digestive system is mature and developmentally ready to self-feed based on motor skills of sitting independently and raking, scooping or holding and bringing the food to their mouth which aligns with current World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations regarding complementary feeding.  


It is important to take into account ALL readiness signs for each individual baby. Your child should be able to sit in a high chair unassisted, have good neck strength, and be able to move food to the back of her mouth with up and down jaw movements. As always, consult your child’s paediatrician if you are unsure or have questions to ask.

【What is the benefit of BLW?】

Baby will develops healthy eating habits

According to a study, If BLW babies experience a wide range of healthy foods early on; they may be more likely to continue to enjoy those foods without any feeling of rebellious or offensiveness later in life which could protect them from being a picky eaters and poor eating habits. Let the baby decide what and how much to eat out of all healthy food choices being offered in order to prevent obesity in childhood.


Convenient for parents

BLW babies aren’t pressured into eating. They are trusted to know when, what, and how much they need to eat. Thus, there is less stress and all family member can enjoy mealtime together besides saving time for baby purees preparation.

Baby’s learning development

BLW babies learn to safely handle food and manage different textures, tastes, sizes and shapes of food. Besides, they will get fine motor practice by learning to grasp food and move it to their mouth.


[What is the downside of BLW?]


Hygiene cleaning needed

BLW is basically letting the babies to feed on their own, having to say that food residue and messy dining area are inevitable. Thus, parents should also be prepared for frequent cleaning. However, the baby will eat better over time, so the relative cleaning area will be reduced.

[What foods can be given to the baby?]

Baby’s first foods should be a selection of small fresh fruits, soft cooked vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and fats that easy to swallow. Baby will naturally choose the foods that meet his needs and preferences when variety of foods is given.

Food powder of MommyJ has made this weaning transition an easy, healthy  and enjoyable way of weaning, designing recipes packed with nutrients, while encouraging little ones to develop a healthier relationship with food going forward. We want parents to make a healthy diet - low in salt, sugar, additives but nutrient dense that will fuel the little ones.

[Won’t the baby choked?]

The baby will likely gag instead of choke. Babies have a great natural gag-reflex that helps them move food from the back of their mouths, back to the front again so that they don’t choke.


They may make a gagging sound, but if you wait for a few seconds, you will see that your baby is an expert at this and will not choke. When babies are developmentally ready to handle solid foods at healthy six months of age, it is very unlikely that your baby will actually choke on food.

But it is still important that you take an infant CPR or First Aid course just in case and for peace of mind.  If you freak out when your baby gags, your baby will freak out also because they will be scared. Try to stay calm instead and let your baby enjoying the food.


[What and where can I find BLW baby recipes using MommyJ FOOD powders?]

Interested to try on BLW method? Don’t know how to start? We have a lot of simple and healthy dishes recipes to try on. You can learn and share these tips and recipes with other parents. Enjoy!

[ 6 Healthy #MommyJ BLW Recipes ]

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【Mini Burger Patties with Veggie】

【Easy Grilled Chicken Drumettes with air fryer】

【Spiral Pasta in Tomatoes based Sauce】

【 Steam Chicken with Organic Mushroom Powder and Red Dates】

【Baby Pancake 】

【Udon Noodles Stir-Fry】

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