A mom whom quit her corporate job to play mom to her firstborn daughter, and it was from there that she found her passion in healthy food whilst preparing daily healthy meals for her little one who started on solid food.

When MommyJ began making food powder for her sweet little girl, she never imagined she'd soon be delivering her homemade food powders to families all over the places.  MommyJ loved the idea of more little ones consume her homemade food powder, so she started her business endeavor with the mission of research of cultivating good eating behavior for little one & families.

She has been sharing this revolution eating behavior around, in return the respond is instantaneous. In year 2016, she got nominated as the 100 most influential young entrepreneurs in Malaysia due to her bold, creative and innovative idea.

She is now happy and proud to introduce Healthy yet Convenient alternative tailored for Busy moms . MommyJ “Kitchen Lifesaver Powder Collection” easy aids for Busy Moms in preparing QUICK yet HEALTHY Meals for babies, kids, and family.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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